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Matthew Chaim's Latest Single "Focus"

Take Drake, throw in 2 cups of absolutely perfect sonics, mix 3 tablespoons of quirky ear candy, and add just a dash of island melody and you have Matthew Chaim's Focus. The latest from this Canadian artist hits in all the right places. With dreamy melodic runs, and a lighthearted production palette, there's a vibe in this one that just can't be touched by any other artist out there. If you're into delightfully buoyant hip hop, you're gonna wanna focus on Matthew Chaim.

After spending a year building up a reserve of unreleased music with producers Noah Barer and Austin Tecks, he's back with his first release of 2017, Focus.

Matthew's thoughts on 'Focus':

This song came from a place of self-motivation. I went into it with the intention of writing something super light and vibey. What came out was this sort of pep talk to myself… telling myself that I need to focus, and shove all my attention into music. And I think it’s working. Less than a month after writing Focus, I quit my full-time job and went all in.

Instagram: @matthewchaim

Twitter: @matthewchaim

Facebook: @matthewchaim

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