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"I Had A Dream" The Compilation

With the highly anticipated release of Miami’s M.L.K.’s @mlkboyz (Movin Like Kings) debut mixtape “ I Had A Dream” The Compilation Hosted by Dj Rhymer, this project set the tone on what the new wave of Miami music has cultivated to. With artist @NextLegendd, @BaddMouff, and @1Tight relaying the gritty tales of Miami’s Liberty City streets it will be hard to not see why these guys wont be in your local Dj playlist in the near feature. With street bangers like “Beetovan”, “Save Her”, “Jungle” it looks like 18’ Just heating up. Looks like these boys have a dream & movement that their about to make the world believe in. Follow @mlkboyz @nextlegendd @baddmouff @1tight @chessmoveent

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