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Intiflow's Biography

Intiflow is an upcoming artist from Broward County, FL. Raised in Kingston Jamaica, Intiflow’s style is a mix of compelling lyrical delivery, charisma and Caribbean flair. With his versatile flow and culture, Intiflow gives his fans a wide variety of sounds and melodies to enjoy. He has 4 projects out (Mixtapes) along with some singles. Intiflow is currently working on his 1st Album “Emukeg” to hit all platforms. He discovered his passion back in his homeland Jamaica at the age of 12 where he began writing songs recreationally. As time progressed, so did his love for all things music. In high school, after migrating to the United States, Intiflow started recording in official studios where he began perfecting his craft and developing himself into the artist he is today. Intiflow, especially with his new Album “EmuKeg” about to drop, has a lot of tricks up his sleeve and is definitely a name to look out go for in the near future.

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