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Raw Falcone's Biography

Nathaniel “Raw Falcone” Falcon is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, and entrepreneur. Coming from the South Florida area, Raw Falcone initially gained recognition as a show host in the club scene of Tampa, Florida in 2018.

As time progressed, so did his passion to pursue a career as a rapper. Falcone began flooding the streets with his shows and talent through Speak Up Entertainment, an organization created by himself along with fellow artists Brandon James “Pro-G” Dorney, and Juan “Ether.UNLIMITED” Ramos with their album “Winner’s Circle”. He strategically planned on releasing two future projects, “(CHEATING)” and “The Path”, before the beginning of 2020. Ultimately, he strives to captivate the minds and souls of his fans through conscious lyricism as well as

dynamic delivery.

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