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Akee Fontane Biography & New Single "Respected" Ft. Da Baby

Akeem Coston (born March 19, 1994), known by the world as Akee Fontane is a rapidly-emerging American hip-hop artist from Wilmington, Delaware who’s attracting attention for his deeply creative vibe and unique lyrical flows. His latest release, Big Dreams Small City (distributed by Pure Luxury Ent.) , dropped February 7th, 2019 and was produced by Grammy-nominated Atlanta producer The Shoota. The new record is a fine introduction to Fontane's world for new converts and will solidify his reputation and brand as one of the most upwardly-mobile performers on the modern rap scene. Taking inspiration from icons like Tupac, Biggie Smalls, and Jay-Z as well as other up-and-comers like himself, Fontane has crafted a set of music that is fresh, real, and relevant.

Fontane began his journey towards becoming an artist when his older brother Keon put a pen in his hand at just five years old. By age 12, he was freestyling in rap battles, developing the skills to instantly express himself over any type of track. Fontane can rock a club banger but can also show listeners a more personal part of himself through lyrics pulled from the events of his life, including being put out on the street at 17 and surviving in a city where a 21st birthday is not guaranteed. These experiences give Fontane and his music a toughness that’s authentic and original.

Now, Fontane’s life is about long, passionate studio sessions masterminding new tracks and logging an ever-increasing number of skymiles taking his skills and songs across the USA. Akee loves performing for his fans and absorbing their energy. He always gives them everything he has. He’s driven to succeed by his love for his son and by the memories of surviving the bitter Eastern winters that built his character at an early age. Akee Fontane is an important and inventive voice in the state-of-the-art music world of today. He is ready to breakout to a worldwide audience and listeners invested in discovering the next great hip-hop artist on the way up need to start listening today.

Single: Respected feat Da Baby

Song Description: Respected is a song for people who are overlooked or or misunderstood who want to be admired for their abilities and their character. Its Akee Fontanes anthem for people who are sick of oppression from police politicians employers people on social media even friends or family members because at the end of the day "we all just want to be respected"

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