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Sly Higashi's Biography

Sly Higashi is an up-and-coming triple threat hailing from the city of West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is an artist, producer and entrepreneur operating under his own label “Hanyouworld”. Incredibly talented with a plethora of stories to tell, Higashi still maintains the perfect blend of artist and businessman. During his first year operating under said label he produced his latest Album “Laidback Essentials” released in March 2019. Higashi’s music is a mix of laidback chill vibes, as proclaimed in title, and lyrical genius. It’s the perfect relax and vibe music to listen in the car, hanging out with friends, or meditative state. The primary focus for Sly Higashi is committing to originality and a continuous development of his craft, image and brand. With his new label he plans to connect and network with other individuals of the industry to expand on ideas and create artwork that will inspire the minds of many for generations to come.

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